Until further notice, our current schedule is as follows:



9:30 AM - on campus

11:15 AM - on campus

5:00 PM - Facebook (online)



7:00 PM - Facebook (online)


To determine which Sunday service you attend, here is some helpful information:


ACTIVE - Attenders who are Publicly Active/Less Vulnerable - 9:30 AM Service in Auditorium 2


Your family is being exposed on a regular basis to others in the general population

More than one family member is working/shopping/exposed to the general population


INACTIVE - Attenders who are Less Publicly Active/More Vulnerable - 11:15 AM Service in Auditorium 1


One member of the family is working in public and the rest of the family members are staying in

Family is predominantly staying at home and sheltering in place.

Family is not exposed to the general population

If you are over 60+, please reference the CDC recommendations. You are welcome to attend our inactive service.


Below are more detailed guidelines for each service:


9:30 Service (Publicly Active/Less Vulnerable) - Auditorium 2


Video Walk-through: Click Here

Doors Open: 9:15 AM

Service Begins: 9:30 AM

Parking Area: Front row spaces along Post Road and side areas

Entrance: Commons Area (this will be the only door accessible inside the building)

Exit: Double Doors at back of auditorium back into the parking lot

Bathrooms: Office Bathrooms in Commons Area (these are the only bathrooms that will be available)

Parents/Mother’s Area: Ladies Restroom in Commons Area

Coffee Stations: Not Offered


11:15 Service (Less Publicly Active/More Vulnerable) - Auditorium 1


Video Walk-through: Click Here

Doors Open: 11:00 AM

Service Begins: 11:15 AM

Parking: Back Parking area

Entrance: Back Door Rear Entrance (one set of double doors will be open - look for signs)

Exit: Side Lobby Exit (normally Heightsville Check-In Area)

Bathrooms: Dining Hall Bathrooms (these are the only bathrooms that will be available)

Parents/Mother’s Area: -  Room 113 - (available to crying children or nursing/diaper change)

Coffee Stations: Not Offered


On-Campus Common Sense  - Here are guidelines that we are expecting each attendee to follow.



Prepare your heart for worship

Arrive on time

Wear a mask (optional for 9:30 service, highly recommended for 11:15 service)

Check-in when you arrive

Visit the hand sanitizer station

Observe social distancing

Respect the well-being of your fellow worshipers

Stay in your family group

Be sure that you have no symptoms of illness or been around someone who has Experienced symptoms? If so, stay home and watch our online services



Don’t attend if you have any symptoms of illness

Don't wander throughout the building

Don't break social distancing standards

Don't linger in lobby or parking areas

Don't encroach on other's space

Don't hug

Don't shake hands


Facility Restrictions

In an effort to assure good health for everyone here are our facility usage guidelines for the next few weeks:

The church building will be open only on Sundays.

Church offices will be open by appointment only (Pastor will be available for appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Appointments can be made through Ms. Lauren - lauren@ghbcc.org).

Gym facilities will be by appointment only.


While at Church

Bathrooms will be available for limited use - due to social distancing only 2 people can occupy restrooms at a time.

Nursery/diaper changing areas can be only occupied by 1 parent/child at a time.

Although we encourage your families to worship with us, neither the nursery nor kid's ministry will be provided at this time for any services.


Church Attendance Agreement

We are excited to return to meeting together, and we are expecting everyone to have a cooperative spirit.

We are expecting everyone to comply with our on-campus Do’s and Don'ts.

We are expecting everyone to practice social distancing.

We are expecting all attendees to self evaluate their own health, their own families' health, and to properly assess whether they are considered active or inactive.

We are expecting all attendees to sign in for services. By signing in, each attendee is affirming they have read and agree with our on-campus common-sense requirements.



Sundays at 11am and 5pm | Wednesdays at 7pm

Greater Heights Baptist Church | 3790 Post Rd, Cumming, GA 30040 | (770) 887-4802 | info@ghbcc.org