Wednesday night electives are midweek classes that help you grow in your knowledge of God and His Word! Our first semester is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, February 6th at 7:00 pm and last through March 27th. The classes this semester are:


Foundations - This class, taught by Oscar Camejo, is for those who are new members or considering membership, or simply for those wishing to strengthen their foundation of what and why they believe what they do. Its goal is to cover the ministry at GHBC, the church philosophy, structure, how we operate, etc.


Financial Peace - Join Parkey Thompson as he seeks to lead you through what the Bible says about finances and encourages you to find freedom in your finances through Christ!


Harmony in the Home - Do you feel like you could use some peace at home? Join Pastor Grinstead as he shares Biblical truths you can glean from and apply within your own home.


The Names of God - The names of God reveal to us different aspects of God's character. Join Jimmy Monroe this semester as he teaches us to dive deeper into the various names of God and learn more about Who He is!


The Apostles and Our Common Ground - Join David Page as he teaches on the lives and struggles of the apostles, comparing their circumstances with what we deal with today.


Don’t let the words ‘electives’, ’semester’, or ‘classes’ scare you - you won’t need a scantron and there is no tuition required! We hope you’ll make plans to be with us for one of these classes over the upcoming eight weeks.


To sign up for a class, click HERE.

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