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Greater Heights Kids

Reaching our children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Join us on June 19th-22nd For our kids summer camp entitled "Minions: The Quest for a Ruler". This will be a time where each night starting at 6:30, (kids ranging from the ages of 1st-6th grade) will come together to learn more about Christ. There will be singing, games, snacks, some weird records broken, and Bible lessons.

The Minions are known as characters who travel from place to place trying to find the right "boss". As human beings, we all can be looked at in the same way. Our goal for this years VBS is to help build a strong foundation for each child that will help them grow in a relationship with God. We hope that at the end of the week, each child will understand that they don't need to be searching for a "boss", "master", or even a "ruler". Jesus Christ is present and excitedly waiting to have a relationship with them. We just have to go to him!

Welcome to Heightsville

Greater Heights Kids

The goal of the Greater Heights Kid's Ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children, seeking to provide for them a foundation of Biblical truth.


We welcome all kids to join us ranging in age from PreK through 5th grade!


We start each Sunday morning at 10:45 am and meet in Redemption Theater. To help ensure your child's safety and protection, we have a check-in station located at our side entrance doors.

Pre-Registration for Check-In

To expedite our check-in process use this link to pre-register your child.


If you are interested in finding out more about Greater Heights Kids, please contact the children's director, Hannah Grinstead,