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Say hello to the leadership team at Greater Heights

Meet Our Leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Greater Heights. Got questions for the lead team at GHBC? Contact us by clicking here.

Chris Grinstead - Senior Pastor

Chris Grinstead was called by the Lord to Pastor Greater Heights in 2003. Since then, he has served as GHBC's lead pastor. Chris is married to his wife Christa of 25+ years, and together they have three children who all serve at Greater Heights.

Jacob Grinstead - Assistant Pastor/Student Pastor

Jacob joined GHBC in 2018, and he serves as the Assistant Pastor and Student Pastor. He stays busy ministering to and leading several ministries here at Greater Heights. A fun fact about Jacob is that he can make really good Lasagna!

Lauren Poole - Administrator and Property Manager

Lauren joined GHBC in 2020 as the church administrator. She currently handles various administration roles as well as manages our church coffee shop and property rentals, known as the Heights. A fun fact about Lauren is that she uses here free time to volunteer on our worship team!