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Journey to hearing, 'Well done'


What are Pathways?

Here at Greater Heights, members equal servants. We want everyone to, first and foremost, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But beyond that, it is our desire that you grow in your knowledge of Christ and spend the rest of your days serving Him. Pathways are practical steps we hope you’ll take on your journey to ultimately hearing ‘Well Done’ from the Lord Himself.

Relationship With Jesus

Before we can start down any pathway, we must first begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s not religion, not our ability to keep a list of rules, not our good works. It is simply coming to Jesus Christ, acknowledging His sacrifice, repenting from our sins, and placing our faith in His finished work. If you would like more information on how you can have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you can click here.


The Membership pathway seeks to move guests and attenders into member-servants. How is that accomplished? By helping new members understand how they are gifted and where they fit into the local body at Greater Heights. If you have questions or are interested in finding out more about becoming a member of Greater Heights, you can click here.

Christian Growth

The Christian Growth Pathway seeks to provide resources that link people to higher learning environments that help them grow in grace and in their knowledge of Jesus Christ.


The Volunteer Pathway seeks to identify, place and train servants of Jesus Christ to carry out the ministries at Greater Heights. For more information on how you can begin volunteering at Greater Heights, click here.

Life Group

The Life Group Pathway seeks to create a multi-generational group environment where people have the opportunity to pursue the next step in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ and connect with church and community. For more information on the Life Groups offered at Greater Heights, click here.